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Hey, I've just started trying to learn Greenlandic and would really like a friend who could help me out (fluent speaker or fellow learner). Considering they're all just dialects of each other, if you know Inuktitut or something and I could learn that for a while then switch to Greenlandic afterwards, I'd still be really thankful.

So far I've been taking suffix meanings from Inupiaq, grammar lessons from Inuktitut and then practice material / dictionaries from Greenlandic and trying to piece everything together while only really having newspaper articles for practice. It's going really, really slowly! Even if you can't help, if you have friends you can ask or something I'd be really grateful! I'm very open to using other sites, Email or even snail-mail (in case you can only find someone's grandma) for communication too.
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The notebook of Dr. Maru (possible spoiler for the Wonder Woman movie)
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Not sure if anyone else is on the HTLAL (How To Learn Any Language) forums, but the 2014-2015 Super Challenge is starting on May 1st 2014, if anyone is interested.

Short summary: It's a 20 month challenge to do a lot of input: reading and listening, 100 'books' and 100 films in that time. Based on the idea of extensive reading boosting your target language skills. There's also a twitter bot associated for easy logging/visual graphs of progress/light competition as you can see how other people are doing as well which can keep you on track.
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I've been looking for a still-active languages/language-learning comm on DW & don't seem to be finding any, alas! (If I've missed one, please let me know.)

In the meantime, in my own journal I got a little excited recently about language-learning, useful websites, techniques, etc. I would love to have more people joining the discussion -- here (if this comm wakes up? *hopeful look*) or in my journal... ?

Two links

May. 13th, 2012 03:48 pm
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Nepal's mystery language on the verge of extinction
Kusunda is a language isolate in Nepal. As far as I can tell from the article, it has two known fluent speakers: Gyani Maiya Sen, the 75-year-old speaker the article is largely about, and Kamala Khatri, who "left [Nepal] in search of a job"

Ancient language discovered
A clay tablet written in Assyrian cuneiform script has been discovered which contains evidence of an otherwise-unknown language. It has a list of women's names, a very few which can be recognized as coming from known languages, and the rest of which are not recognizably from any known language; it seems likely that they come from another language.
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From The Economist: Daily chart: Speaking in tongues: Language diversity around the world

Briefly explains an interesting quantification of a country's linguistic diversity, based on the probability of two people chosen at random from that country having the same native language. (If two people chosen at random had 100% chance of having the same native language (i.e., everyone has the same native language), the score would be 0 (North Korea apparently fits here); if two people chosen at random had no chance of having the same language (i.e. no two people share the same native language), the score would be 1 (not actually possible in practice, but Papua New Guinea comes rather close).)

It doesn't explain the scoring in enough detail for me to tell it's as simple as that a score of 0.9 means two people chosen at random would have a 90% chance of having different languages, or if there's a bit more involved in creating the score.

It's also not clear to me if it accounts for people having multiple native languages


Aug. 26th, 2011 04:01 pm
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I'm currently learning, and have been learning, Finnish by myself for about a half a year now. I've got some of the basics down (Basic greetings, numbers, colours, etc.) but I really need, and want, to learn more!

This year I'll be entering my Sophomore year of high school. Next year (2012-2013) Junior year, I'll be leaving to go to Finland for foreign exchange. While I'm there I know I'll learn A LOT of Finnish, but being able to understand more than the basics when I arrive there would be fantastic!

If anybody is learning Finnish and wants to learn with me (Being "pen-pals" so to speak), knows an active Dreamwidth community, or knows links to some good books to purchase - that'd be wonderful.

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Numerals of an otherwise-unknown Peruvian language were recently unearthed. They were written down in the early 1600s. It's not Quechua, though some numbers appear to be borrowed from Quechua or one of its relatives.
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Hi, there! Me and [personal profile] livrebleu are putting together [community profile] en_espanol, a place for people to discuss Spanish (and other things!) in Spanish. The only comm rule so far is that posts happen in Spanish -- we're hoping to get a lot of discussion going, so please feel free to join and post away!
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I created a community for ASL Interpreters: [community profile] aslinterpreters

Come, join!
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Hi there! If anyone is interested, since I couldn't find an active community that covered this, I created [community profile] mandarin101 for discussing Mandarin Chinese. Thanks!
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Would anyone here be interested in a community set up specifically for German learners? Or failing that, is there interest to post chatter about learning German, make posts about German grammar and vocabulary, etc. in this community?

Me, I started to study German last January and would love to share experiences with other German learners whether they are beginners like me or more advanced students.
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Recently I was reading about Elamite in the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's Ancient Languages and learnt that Elamite marks person on (animate) nouns! So, for example, 'king' is sunki-, and 'I, the king' is sunkik, with the first person suffix -k.

I think person marking on nouns is really neat.
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But I love them anyway.

So! I'm crossposting this from my own journal, because I figure there may be people here who are interested. The subject of this post is this fake letter from a broken-hearted guy. The joke is that he, as a native Malay speaker would tend to do, is writing an overly flowery farewell letter to a girl... except he's translating the Malay proverbs literally.

The list, as below:
literal translations of Malay proverbs ftw?? )

Hopefully that provides some laughs for today. :)


Jun. 14th, 2009 11:06 pm
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What is the word for the color "orange" in the languages that you know? And for the fruit "orange"?
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This is homework help in a sense, but I'm not asking for anyone to answer questions or do my work for me; I just need a few pointers in terms of where to start looking for sources. If this isn't allowed, let me know and I'll take it down.

a bit of backstory on my research paper. )

Basically, I'm looking for some good sources that discuss the Ainu language itself. My campus library has been surprisingly unhelpful; I've already found some good books and articles with regards to the biological aspect of my paper that I have to request from other campus libraries. I'm not asking for people to help do the research, I'm just hoping someone will know where I can get started doing it myself. Any books, articles, etc. would be extremely helpful.

Again, if this isn't allowed, let me know. Thanks in advance.
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In English, people can often purposefully misspell words, usually for a cutesy effect (as in cat macros - "I can haz cheezburger?" or "ai wubs yu!") or some other effect, usually humorous. Does this effect exist in other languages? How about those that don't follow a Roman alphabet system; what are the equivalents?
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(crossposted from the LiveJournal community)

My nephew, who turns seven next month and is more than a bit clever (he could flawlessly narrate the story of Beowulf aged five and a half -- I hasten to add that he had read a graphic-novel version, not the original Anglo-Saxon), has become interested in the etymologies of common American English words and phrases -- e.g. "thank you." He reads fluently, but not well enough to decipher the etymologies in the online OED. If anyone could point me to resources for a kid who can read chapter books independently, but isn't quite up to Swann's Way, I'd be grateful.
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  1. The community now has a working set of guidelines up! Give them a quick read-through; they're pretty self-explanatory and common sense. Anyway, this means you're free to go ahead and post now!

  2. The community also has a layout up by [personal profile] gossymer. Let me know if this layout makes posts difficult to read, and I'll do my best to find better layouts. Customized comments pages are disabled.

  3. In the next few days/weeks/whenever I get the time, I'll be doing my best to compile a comprehensive list of other Dreamwidth communities related to language. If any of you know already about existing communities, feel free to let me know about them so I can add them to the list!

  4. If you have any other suggestions—resource posts I should make, things, I should add, etc.—feel free to leave me a comment here and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Thanks for your patience! I'm looking forward to this community taking off. :)
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 Right now any type of formal education is not an option for me but as I said in my introductory comment I'm in the process of studying French. I've run into some roadblocks that have to do with the way I learn and I figured I'd ask everyone for some suggestions to overcome these roadblocks.

My problem is that I'm not able to grade myself. Right now I'm using some old high school text books from a French teacher who knows my partner, a workbook we picked up at the bookstore in the mall and a couple of reference materials - my partner's French-English dictionary and a big book of French verbs. I'm in the process of going through the textbooks and workbook from front to back but I'm not really able to check for myself to see if I'm doing the exercises correctly and if my answers are coming out right. My partner tries to help but he's not a very good teacher or at least he's not able to explain things in a way that I can understand.

The solution I thought of myself was to buy a teacher's version of the text books where it'd have all the answers listed so I could grade my papers myself. It'd be easier for me to pinpoint areas where I'm having troubles comprehending and allow me to focus more on those but I don't know where I'd be able to get a teacher's manual or version of the textbook (it's pretty old).

Do any of you have suggestions on where to find a book like this or other ways to help me with my independent study?

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