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So we've gotten a lot of members really quickly, and, as I'm still getting the community set up, I figured that we could introduce ourselves (if you guys want to). :)

Some relevant fields to include in the comments, perhaps:

Native language:
Other language(s): It would be helpful to mark the languages as languages you're proficient in, learning, or simply interested in.
Linguistic background and interests: Could be an academic linguistics background, or just stuff about language and languages you like geeking out about, or that you find language and languages to be a fun hobby. Interpret this in whatever way you'd like.
Anything else:


Have fun! You are totally welcome to strike up conversation with other members; that's what this post is for, after all!
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Hi everyone! Please bear with me as I take some time to set up the community rules, guidelines, etc. etc. etc. and make things pretty and workable. I have contacted the [livejournal.com profile] linguaphiles mods regarding adopting their guidelines; the community should be up and running within the next day or two (depending on how hard my finals decide to bite me).

Until then, if you have any comments or questions, or if you'd like to volunteer yourself as a mod, please feel free to comment to this entry. :)

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