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Greenlandic, Inuktitut

Hey, I've just started trying to learn Greenlandic and would really like a friend who could help me out (fluent speaker or fellow learner). Considering they're all just dialects of each other, if you know Inuktitut or something and I could learn that for a while then switch to Greenlandic afterwards, I'd still be really thankful.

So far I've been taking suffix meanings from Inupiaq, grammar lessons from Inuktitut and then practice material / dictionaries from Greenlandic and trying to piece everything together while only really having newspaper articles for practice. It's going really, really slowly! Even if you can't help, if you have friends you can ask or something I'd be really grateful! I'm very open to using other sites, Email or even snail-mail (in case you can only find someone's grandma) for communication too.
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I can't help much - I've never really studied any form of Inuktitut. But I think it's neat that you're studying it.

There's audio in a couple Inuktitut dialects available from CBC. It looks like it has news video in Inuktitut as well.

Might help for getting some of the sound of the language into your head, even if you can't understand much of it yet.

(Perhaps there's a Greenlandic audio source out there too, I'm just not familiar with the resources.)
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I'm learning Quechua and running into similar issues! It's frustrating. I'm friending you, it will be good to share our experiences, pity we're not learning the same language of course, but similar issues with lack of resources.
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Well it's the first time I'm learning a language with so many suffixes which throws me off, but the main problem is the lack of a good dictionary and not having many written resources. Luckily there is a daily news show so there is one really good audiovisual resource at least!