syntheid: "Books-- Rare, Medium, Well Done" (books: any way you like them)
M. Lane ([personal profile] syntheid) wrote in [community profile] linguaphiles2014-04-23 11:51 am

it occurred to me I could signal-boost this here

Not sure if anyone else is on the HTLAL (How To Learn Any Language) forums, but the 2014-2015 Super Challenge is starting on May 1st 2014, if anyone is interested.

Short summary: It's a 20 month challenge to do a lot of input: reading and listening, 100 'books' and 100 films in that time. Based on the idea of extensive reading boosting your target language skills. There's also a twitter bot associated for easy logging/visual graphs of progress/light competition as you can see how other people are doing as well which can keep you on track.

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