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it occurred to me I could signal-boost this here

Not sure if anyone else is on the HTLAL (How To Learn Any Language) forums, but the 2014-2015 Super Challenge is starting on May 1st 2014, if anyone is interested.

Short summary: It's a 20 month challenge to do a lot of input: reading and listening, 100 'books' and 100 films in that time. Based on the idea of extensive reading boosting your target language skills. There's also a twitter bot associated for easy logging/visual graphs of progress/light competition as you can see how other people are doing as well which can keep you on track.
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Whaaaaat OMG how terrifying/intriguing. ^^;;; Are you doing it?

I am sure it would be really useful if I were able to do this but I'm not sure if trying to & maybe failing would still be useful for me (b/c obviously I'd've read some books/watched some films that I hadn't before!) or if it would just prove too demoralizing. Hmmmmmm!!
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Ugggggh so tempting. Although part of me is hesitant to dive in just b/c I don't really know that forum/am not familiar w/its culture, etc. I poked at some of the language log threads last night & wowwwww people seem hardcore. ^^;;;

If I did it, I'd aim for a half challenge each in French & German. Well, I suppose I still have a few days to think about it before the 1st of May!

ETA: Possibly stupid question -- the rules say that a TV series episode of 45 minutes counts as half a film. Can I then assume that an episode of approximately 22-ish minutes (saaaaay episodes of A:TLA) counts as a quarter film? Or are they really that strict (idk, maybe they might argue that anything shorter than 45 minutes isn't letting you get enough immersion at once or something)? For some reason I find that forum quite intimidating -- I'm not usually the newbie afraid to ask questions but I thought I'd ask here instead first, ha. If you don't know or whatever, that's totally fine, of course!! I see the discussion thread but it's so long -_- (Also the forum is REALLY slow for me for some reason...)
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A belated thank you for this! Yeah, I decided to go ahead & watch bits & pieces &/or shorter things, after... spending too much time reading that long-ass old discussion thread for the challenge. ^^;; Wow, I agree, estimating pages based on a video game is waaay too much work for me.

& ugh yes, the forum is slow & I... keep running into threads where people say really actually kind of offensive things, UGH. I think I'll just uh do the Super Challenge & minimize my time actually on the board. ^^;;
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Innnteresting. Thanks for linking it!