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Cameron ([personal profile] wisc0nsin) wrote in [community profile] linguaphiles2011-08-26 04:01 pm
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I'm currently learning, and have been learning, Finnish by myself for about a half a year now. I've got some of the basics down (Basic greetings, numbers, colours, etc.) but I really need, and want, to learn more!

This year I'll be entering my Sophomore year of high school. Next year (2012-2013) Junior year, I'll be leaving to go to Finland for foreign exchange. While I'm there I know I'll learn A LOT of Finnish, but being able to understand more than the basics when I arrive there would be fantastic!

If anybody is learning Finnish and wants to learn with me (Being "pen-pals" so to speak), knows an active Dreamwidth community, or knows links to some good books to purchase - that'd be wonderful.


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